5BAR Brut Nature (Unfiltered)

This extravagant sparkling is a refreshing company for two, and you don’t even have to worry about the bubbles. The second fermentation, like at methode traditionnelle, took place in bottles, but the wine was kept on lees for only 2 months, and was not disgorged.

3.600 Ft

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VARIETIES: furmint, olaszrizling
AREA: Csopak
ALCOHOL: 12,5%
METHOD:Unfiltered base wine, traditional, bottle fermentation in 0.375l bottles, short maturation, without degorging.


The idea of making an extravagant sparkling came last year. We started to make experiments and now we can introduce you one of our most exciting wines. The base wine is Furmint and Olaszrizling, just like in Márga Brut, but the style is totally different. The bottle is “demie”, that’s exactly half of the standard size, closed with a crown cap. It’s just a refreshing company for two, and you don’t even have to worry about bubbles. The second fermentation took place in the bottle, but was kept on lees for about 2 months instead of years, and was not disgorged.
It’s like an impatient champagne with 5 bar pressure in the bottle, the same as swimming 50 meters deep in the sea.

Delicious, yeasty notes and citrus, tight acids and a rich sip. It’s a pleasure to drink and it’s worth hurrying because only a few hundred bottles are made.

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