We are a family estate on a human scale. Our vineyards surround us, we live in it. That’s why we have been cultivating our areas with sufficient sensitivity from the very beginning and it is extremely important to us to protect our environment. In the spirit of that, we provide our grapes and wines with the following guarantees:


✔︎ Our entire estate is under organic cultivation, which we do ourselves.

✔︎ Our registered areas are inspected and certified by Hungária Ökogarancia.

✔︎ The grapes are harvested by hand are collected and transported in crates.

✔︎ The harvested grapes are processed gently within a few hours.


✔︎ Every moment of the winemaking takes place in our cellar under the Wine Mansion.

✔︎ The grapes are processed naturally without sulfur and any additives: they are berried and fermented with a shorter or longer skin contact before pressed gently.

✔︎ The must is fermented spontaneously or with natural organic yeast.

✔︎ We use only natural materials for maturing the wine: stainless steel, wood, ceramics and glass.

✔︎ Our white wines are bottled with less than 100 mg/l, while our red wines are bottled with less than 80 mg/l total sulfur level.

✔︎ Most of our wines are bottled without any clarification or filtration. What we find out and filter is also encountered exclusively with bentonite clay mineral and paper filter sheet. Animal brighteners are not used at all.

✔︎ Each of our bottles filled with a gravity filling head and closed and labeled by hand.