Perdisacca Rosinjola 0,5l

Selected olive oil from Istria, Croatia. We use the softer Buža and the spicier Rosinjola varieties in the kitchen to flavor our dishes.

10.600 Ft

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Selected olive oil from Istria, Croatia.

VARIETY: Rosinjola
AREA: Istria / Bale
PARCEL: Perdisacca

Perdisacca – Connected to Istria

Like good wine or fresh bread, cold-pressed olive oil is an important part of our gastronomy.
We would like to show that, in addition to the well-known Italian and Spanish producers, small family estates in Istria often represent better quality. Istria has been known for its top quality oils since ancient times. It is considered as a cooler corner of the Mediterranean, and the soil is ruined by terra ras with a high mineral content. As a result, the oil produced here is more intense and spicy than usual.

The Cergna family, who farm near Bale in Istria, is a personal acquaintance of ours. Only three hectares have been farmed for generations in the Perdisacca plantation. Their oils are great favorites not only because of their top quality, but also because the Cergna family works in a similar way to us. Besides organic farming, they only grow local olive varieties. They appreciate the yield of their older trees. The berries are pressed cold one day with the harvest. The oil is settled by gravity and bottled by hand. Perdisacca wins prestigious world competitions in a row from Italy and Japan to New York.
We use their softer Buža and the spicier Rosinjola varieties in the kitchen to flavor our dishes as well.

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